Samsung Still #1 Worldwide in Q1 2019 Despite Declining Smartphone Market

Huawei is close behind

IDC has officially dropped global Q12019 smartphone numbers and it looks like people are buying less and less phones every year. The report, which covers January to March of this year says that around 310.8 million smartphones were shipped all over the world. While that number sounds impressive, it’s a 6.6% decline from the same period last year.

According to IDC’s research manager Anthony Scarsella, people are holding on to their phone longer than ever before as newer, pricier models usually have very small incentives for consumers to upgrade. This is compounded by many people’s wait and see attitude regarding 5G, which is still in its infancy – both in phones that can utilize them and the actual infrastructure of the networks.

Despite the decline, Samsung is still the #1 manufacturer on earth, raking in around 71.9 million shipments in the time period. Huawei is in the second spot, with 59.1 million shipments and a phenomenal 50.3% YoY growth.

Apple was the worst hit of the global leaders, with shipments dropping to 36.4 million units representing a staggering 30.2% decline from last year.


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