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Samsung Stuck A 21.5-inch Touchscreen On Their Newest Family Hub Refrigerator, And It’s Not As Ridiculous As It Sounds

Family Hub

Why? Why not?

One of the weirdest new gadgets that Samsung released back in CES was their Family Hub refrigerator, a fridge that the company stuck a 21.5-inch display on. Standing in front of it here in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Samsung’s newest smart appliance isn’t as ludicrous as we first thought. The 21.5-inch touchscreen display is actually pretty useful, and not just a gimmick feature. Powered by their Tizen OS, the display gives family members the opportunity to leave messages and notes to each other, which is guaranteed to be read, since everybody makes a trip to the ref no matter how busy they are.

Family Hub 2

Aside from allowing family members to leave notes, share videos and photos on the display via Bluetooth, the Family Hub also has other cool tricks up its sleeve. There are a series of cameras that are built into the upper doors of the Family Hub, which gives you a peek inside without opening the doors.

Family Hub 3

Even better, you can denote how long each food item has been in the ref, which makes sorting food items easier. Once you’re out and about, you can sneek a peak at the contents of the ref at any time, simplifying grocery shopping by telling you what you have and don’t have. If you don’t want to go out, the Family Hub can order groceries right from the display through a Master Card app, making shopping for groceries even easier, but obviously that’s not going to happen in our country any time soon.

Family Hub 4

Since the display is rather big, it’s the perfect place to watch videos in when you’re trying to learn a new dish. If you suddenly feel the urge to munch on something while in the middle of a game, you can mirror whatever your watching on a compatible smart TV to the display of the family hub, so you don’t miss a thing.

Family Hub 6

And since a refrigerator is the defacto center of a home, you can let your kids (and your forgetful spouses) reminders of their agendas for the day on the display. Things like doctor’s appointments, dentist visits and other trips can be scheduled and shared on the display, which makes things easier for everyone.

Family Hub 5

Of course the Family Hub is still a ref first and foremost, and Samsung hasn’t forgotten that. At its heart the Family Hub is a four-door model with the top two doors for refrigeration and bottom two for freezing. Samsung’s loaded the Family Hub with their FlexZone technology, so you can freely switch from freezing to refrigeration for the four doors at any time, giving you better flexibility.

No price or availability has been set for the Family Hub.

John Nieves

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  1. At first, I said.. Wtf?
    But after reading this..
    Very useful feature indeed!
    T’will really be a very good addition to anyone’s Kitchen.

  2. I wonder how durable it is compared to our whirlpool double door thats 20+years old, it only had to be fixed one time, while I was told by the technician they frequently service newer refs barely 5 yrs old. Sometimes simple is better

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