Samsung Thailand Teases Galaxy A80 BLACKPINK Edition

Made for the avid Blink fans

With BLACKPINK as one of Samsung’s key endorsers for the Galaxy A series, we expect a bunch of BLACKPINK-themed accessories from the Korean brand. After spotting some BLACKPINK-themed accessories for the Galaxy A70 during its launch last April, it is the Galaxy A80’s turn to have those Blink-exclusive accessories.

Just like the Galaxy A70 version, the Galaxy A80 BLACKPINK edition comes with a BLACKPINK-marked Galaxy A80, along with a matching case, charging stand, and photo cards. Both the case and charging will activate exclusive BLACKPINK content on your phone.

The special edition will cost you an additional THB 3,990(~Php 6.7k) on top of the Galaxy A80’s SRP. Aside from a special edition Galaxy A80, there will be BLACKPINK-themed Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Watch Active as well.

No word yet if it will be sold outside of Thailand, though pre-orders in Thailand will start from July 12 to 14.

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