Samsung WB150F Smart Camera Review

The Samsung WB150F Smart Camera

Samsung WB150F Smart Camera Review

The Samsung WB150F is a fun, light, feature packed, and budget-friendly Smart Camera. Finding out what the camera can do is an experience in itself and you’ll definitely need to read the manual first just so you can maximize all the features! For the purpose of this review, we brought the camera with us during our Holy Week Boracay vacation and it was the perfect companion for our beach trip since it was very portable and could take great photos in good lighting conditions. The smart camera features were also a hoot to use which made picture taking a more fun activity!

Note: If you haven’t read our unboxing article of the WB150F, click here. You can also read about the launch event which was held at Rockwell here.

The Hardware

The WB150F is made from a combination of hard plastic material and metals. It’s actually quite light and easy to bring around. Carrying digital point-and-shoot cameras is such a liberating experience when you’re used to bringing SLR’s with multiple lenses, haha! By the way, for added protection just make sure to slip it in the pouch that comes with the box.

You’ll find a dial at the top which controls the main functions of the camera including the WiFi features. The rest of the controls and buttons are at the back (Play, Settings, Menu, etc). At the side you’ll find the micro-USB port for charging and data transfer. Finally the battery and SD card is at the at the bottom.

The WB150F packs a 14.2-megapixels 24mm Wide Angle Lens with 18x Optical Zoom. Like what we said above it can take excellent photos in good lighting conditions. However it’s a bit bad in dark environments.

Sample Shots

Just got off the plane!
My lovely wife!

The WB150F can also record video at 720p @ 30FPS.

User Interface: Simple and Intuitive

The WB150F has a 3.0?hVGA LCD Display at the back which acts as the viewfinder and digital control/options display. I’m impressed with how easy-to-use and intuitive the software is for this one. Picking what feature (even the WiFi stuff) you want to use was a breeze. Definitely one of the more user-friendly cameras available in the market today.

Smart Camera Features: Filters, Panoramic shots, etc.

Tons of fun shots that you can take with this camera! Split shots, panoramic, etc.!

One of the reasons why “phone photography” is strong these days is because of all the filter and instant photo editing apps. It’s good to note that Samsung is learning from this and they’ve actually installed a suite of smart camera features in the WB150F. This makes taking pictures a more enjoyable and personal experience.

Sample Shots

Panoramic shot taken while on the boat in Boracay
Fish Eye Filter
Inside photo: Take a picture of the background and take another photo which will appear in the frame.
Sketch/Cartoon Filter. A lot of other filters available as well. Note that the filters can also be applied while shooting VIDEO

My favorite shots are the ones in Fish Eye and Panoramic. πŸ™‚

WiFi Capabilities: Sharing, Remote Viewfinder

The WB150F also has a few WiFi-related functionalities. The most obvious and useful one being that you can share, upload, or e-mail the photos you took with the WB150F directly on the camera.

Another fun feature is the Remote Viewfinder app. You download the app on your Android smartphone and you can then pair your connect to your camera via WiFi and you can use your phone as a remote control and viewfinder for the camera! Here’s a short video we made which illustrates it:

Not bad right? πŸ™‚

Verdict, Pricing, and Availability

The Samsung WB150F Smart Camera sells for Php11,990 in Samsung stores, resellers, and distributors. That’s a pretty good price given all the features you’re getting with the camera! It may not be the best in optics but it definitely makes up for that with all of the extra features which makes it a truly friendly and fun gadget.

Samsung WB150F is a good, fun, and budget-friendly smart camera. Easy and cool to use!

If you don’t have a camera yet and you want something affordable, enjoyable, and user-friendly then you might want to go with this one. Just remember to always be conscious about the lighting conditions though so that you always get great photos out of this camera. πŸ™‚

Carlo Ople

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