Samsung Will Be Selling The Galaxy Note 7 Again

Refurbished, lower-cost Galaxy Note 7s will be released once again

With so many Galaxy Note 7’s lying around, collecting dust and generally just taking up valuable space and money, it was inevitable that Samsung would try to get some of their investment back by selling the device again. Well, some of them anyway – Samsung is looking to dispatch its huge inventory of unsold, recalled Galaxy Note 7’s in several ways, which includes salvaging vital (and perfectly usable) components like camera modules and semiconductors, metal parts that still prove valuable as well as selling refurbished units “where applicable”.

Of course re-introducing a phone with such an explosive history is a sketchy proposition. While Samsung already knows the full cause why the Note 7 spontaneously caught fire, it’ll be difficult, if not impossible to convince government regulators (and other agencies and companies like airlines) that the refurbished Galaxy Note 7’s are safe to use. Never mind that the refurbished units will probably receive Samsung’s new 8-point battery check, the same check that their upcoming flagship, the Galaxy S8, received before its announcement in a few days.

Samsung has not announced where they’ll be selling the refurbished phones, but earlier leaks point to developing countries as possible markets for the disgraced flagship. Samsung will also probably change the name of the Note 7 when it begins selling it again in an attempt to distance itself from its fiery past.

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