Samsung Will Reportedly Deactivate All Recalled Note 7’s After September 30

Samsung is doing all it can to recall faulty Galaxy Note 7’s from the wild, but the simple fact is that such a gargantuan task takes quite some time. Some phones will fall through the cracks despite the Korean company’s repeated warnings, and some people are just too stubborn to submit to the recall notice sent out by Samsung.

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That’s why it isn’t surprising to learn that Samsung may be deliberately deactivating all recalled Galaxy Note 7 units after September 30 rolls around.┬áReddit users LimboJr said that this was part of the Note 7 recall in France, a fact that was relayed to him by a Samsung rep.

If this is true, then Samsung may have finally found a way to make sure that the old, potentially fire-prone devices are permanently taken out of commission while at the same time ensuring that only non-faulty Galaxy Note 7’s are floating in the wild.

If you haven’t heard, Samsung has already laid out the guidelines to the Galaxy Note 7 recall here in the Philippines. We’d suggest you power down your phone and hand it over to Samsung if you haven’t already, since you probably won’t have a choice anyway past September 30.

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