Samsung will Ship AKG Earphones with the Galaxy S8

Apple has Beats, Samsung has AKG

Last year Samsung announced their acquisition of audio company Harman probably in response to Apple’s acquisition. The outcome is two-fold: Harman is playing a role in tuning the audio technology in the devices of Samsung and bundling of AKG earphones* in new Samsung flagship devices.

*Harman owns AKG Acoustics

Most Likely Software Tuning, Not Hardware

The new Galaxy Tab 3 is tuned by AKG
In terms of tuning, we’re not sure yet if it will be as deep as how LG did with their V20 and now the LG G6. LG pretty much took it to the extreme by putting in a Hi-Fi Quad DAC in their devices. That’s a hardware change versus the usual software tuning that other device manufacturers make. We’re thinking that Samsung and Harman will most likely stick to software optimization for audio output like what they did with their new Galaxy Tab 3.

Free AKG Earphones with Samsung S8!

Concept photo of the Galaxy S8
Yes folks, it’s with all likelihood that the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ will come with AKG earphones and not the default crappy and flimsy Samsung earphones. This is definitely a welcome development as LG has been shipping B&O earphones for a while now.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is due to launch globally later this month and so far it’s looking like it’s going to be a monstrous flagship that will finally redeem Samsung from the disastrous Galaxy Note 7.

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