Samsung Working on a Phone with Graphene Battery

To debut within two years

With brands cramming bigger lithium-ion batteries in their smartphones, no one has yet overcome the fast degradation time of lithium-ion cells. That might change, as Samsung is reportedly working on using graphene batteries according to leakster Evan Blass.

According to Blass, Samsung’s graphene battery can be fully juiced up in less than half an hour without compromising on durability. Samsung said that they might unveil their graphene battery-equipped phone within two years.

A highly conductive and elastic material, graphene is said to be the future of batteries. Its benefits include slimmer and flexible cells, faster charging speeds, and longer degradation time. However, graphene is still costly tech, and Samsung is figuring out how to lower costs while increasing battery capacity.

Prior to this, Samsung explored the use of graphene layers to improve battery life on lithium-ion cells.


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