Samsung’s Galaxy Fold Might Only Be Sold Through Telcos Like Smart In The Philippines

The phone will be sold in very limited quantities via pre-order only

Want to have the device of the future in your hands, today? Well, it looks like Samsung will only be selling their new folding smartphone through carriers, and won’t hit open markets, at least in the Philippines.

The company stated that the innovative new device will only be sold via pre-order, and units will be extremely limited.

That’s not surprising, considering that Samsung is asking $1,980 or around Php 100K for one in the US. That means very few people will actually have the ability to buy it.

And from the looks of things, it won’t be hitting the open market at all, and will primarily only be sold through telcos like Smart. We don’t know what plans Smart will be offering with the Galaxy Fold, but it’s almost guaranteed it’ll be through the company’s premium Infinity Plans.

It’s taken Samsung more than half a year to offer the premium device in the country after its announcement in February, thanks to issues with the first generation’s durability and screen.┬áSamsung has fixed the hinge and the screen after high-profile failures with the company’s review units made the rounds after the devices were handed over to reviewers back in June.

John Nieves

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  1. Bumili ang bro ko nyan sa california. $1,879 with 512gb internal memory, 7.3″ infinity flex display, SD 865chipset, 16mp ultra wide cam, 12mp wide cam pag sa telco. Mas mura ng $100. Pag sa open market, $1979.

    Nang iingit ang kumag sa amin dito sa pilipinas. Madalas yan open-close. Di kaya masira ang pinagtutupian after some time?

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