Samsung’s Gear S2 Will Now Come In Platinum And Rose Gold Colors, And Will Play Nice With iOS


New colors and iOS compatibility are coming for the Gear S2 line

Samsung’s stylish round wearable the Gear S2 will soon have new color variations available for people who want more style in their smartwatches. The company officially announced in CES that the Gear S2 Classic will soon receive platinum and rose gold options though the new color variations are just plated on top of the stainless steel body of the existing model. In line with the more fashionable color variants, Samsung is also releasing a bunch of new straps for them as well, including leather, nylon, and steel.


The new color variants are just that – color variants, and internally are no different from the Gear S2 that we’ve come to know and love internally. They are getting new watch faces designed for them, and Samsung has also announced iOS compatibility for the Gear S2 family of devices as well.

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