Samsung’s New ToF Sensor Can Track Objects at 120FPS within a 5m Distance

While Samsung’s ISOCELL line is best known for its camera sensors, the Korean giant also makes Time of Flight (ToF) sensors as well. Their latest one is the Vizion 33D. ToF sensors are rarely discussed as a whole (save for their main purpose of improving the gathering of depth information data), but the Vizion 33D is interesting for what it can do.

Boasting of a VGA (640×480) resolution and a sizeable 7um pixel size, the Vizion 33D can measure distances between 0.2m and all the way to 5m while delivering 10 or 12-bit resolution. In addition, the Vizion 33D is capable of going all the way to 120FPS for low-latency tracking, making it an excellent sensor for autofocus assist, AR games, and video bokeh rendering. Drawing only up to 400mW of power, the Vizion 33D should not drain the phone’s battery too quickly when in use.

Aside from autofocus assist, the Vizion 33D can also be used for face ID for secure face unlock and mobile payments. That means there’s a good chance that the ToF sensor will be used together with selfie cameras. While Samsung did use a ToF sensor on the Galaxy S20 Ultra, the Vizion 33D can possibly make its debut on the Galaxy S21 Ultra or with other flagship devices.


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