Samsung’s Ultra-premium Folding Phone To Launch in 2018?

It’ll be positioned higher than the company’s current flagship offerings

Samsung’s been teasing their ultra-premium, foldable smartphone concept since 2013, but we’ve yet to see the device released out in the wild. But according to Korean outfit ETNews, Samsung is in the last phase of the development for the foldable smartphone and will be releasing the mass-produced versions of the foldable device by next year.

Samsung allegedly showed a prototype of the device to select telecom clients in Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona, Spain. The Korean company is said to be starting mass production of prototypes for internal testing this summer, with the company targeting a mass-market release by early next year.

According to ETNews, the foldable smartphone will be poised as an ultra-luxurious product, ultimately aiming at a “high-tech product that is one step higher than regular flagship smartphones.” Samsung is allegedly concerned about other companies, specifically their Chinese rivals, about releasing ahead of them and potentially losing the title of world’s first fordable display.


John Nieves

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