SanDisk Outs Their First USB Type-C Flash Drive

USB Type C

Welcome to the future!

While we’ve been seeing the new USB Type-C standard on phones and notebooks, accessories like mice and USB flash disks are harder to come by these days. SanDisk, a brand that’s synonymous with USB flash drives, has officially unveiled their first ever Type-C flash drive in MWC.

The new stick comes in four sizes – 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB – and has read speeds of 150MB/s. Since it went on sale it almost immediately sold out, which is a testament to the demand for USB Type-C flash drives in the market today.

Since the standard is, well, standard on all devices, it means that you can just plug in a Type-C flash drive into your Type-C equipped phone and transfer the files over to your Type-C notebook or tablet and without the need for an OTG cable or accessory. Prices for the new products start from $13 (Php 620) to $50 (Php 2.3K).

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