Sarah Geronimo’s Tour De Force of Phone Endorsements Continues with Oppo

Oppo Philippines introduced their newest endorser via Facebook
Oppo Philippines introduced their newest endorser via Facebook

The New Face of Oppo

Oppo Philippines will be relying on the star power of Sarah Geronimo to boost their sales in the next few months. They recently introduced her as their newest endorser in a Facebook post while using the hashtag #ASparkOfBrilliance. Their timing is pretty good as Sarah is enjoying incredible popularity levels right now thanks to the smash reality series The Voice Philippines.

Oppo will probably make the most of this endorsement by coming up with a lot of high profile marketing materials so expect to see at least a TVC in the coming weeks.

Sarah G’s Tour De Force of Phone Endorsements
Sarah Geronimo is no stranger when it comes to endorsing phone brands. A few Google searches can verify that she was the primary face behind Sony Ericsson, MyPhone, and until recently, Cherry Mobile. Her deals ranged from straightforward endorsements to her being the face of a product (Sony Ericsson had a Sarah Phone). For Cherry Mobile she even did their song called “Click Tayo”.

Sarah Geronimo (photo from MTV)
Sarah Geronimo (photo from MTV)

We don’t expect to see another “Sarah Phone by Oppo” so this is probably more of a straightforward endorsement. As for the effect on Oppo’s sales, only time will tell if Sarah’s popularity can actually influence and sway Filipinos (most likely her fans) to switch from whatever smartphone brand they’re using to Oppo.

Carlo Ople

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  1. Uso pa ba yan? Di ba nila alam na nakakacheap lang ng branding ang celebrity endorsement sa pinas? Kahit nga apple e product placement sa shows at movies na lang ang ginagawa. Ambaduy magmumukha tuloy pang low class ang products nila.

  2. If you’re a wise buyer, there’s no way you’d fall for this LOL….word of mouth is the best way of gauging on how good (or bad) a product is, Mga Tech buyers medyo mabusisi mga yan, hindi sila nagpapauto sa mga endorsers, si Robert Downey Jr (HTC) nga eh hindi umubra haha

  3. Sarah Geronimo is such a great endorser for Oppo because she’s a qualified IT expert in mobile platfo— OH WAIT SHE’S JUST ANOTHER BRAINLESS CELEB. Carry on, dimwits, you deserve the expensive trash you buy.

  4. Rule of thumb. ALL CELEBRITIES USE AN IPHONE. Never believe in marketing hullabaloo or Instagram “posts.” ALL celebrities use an iPhone. Not because they were paid to, but because they wanted to. They will use no other phone than an iPhone. How stupid must be Oppo to not realise this?

  5. WTF Oppo??? Did you hire the first “graphic artist” you saw and forced him to work on that first photo? I can’t even decide which is the worst with that atrocity – the oh-lets-be-artsy-and-blur-just-the-hair, the edges so sharp I can cut a f**king tomato with it, the way the phone is held which just screams it’s faker than Nicki Minaj’s butt implants, the list just goes on..

  6. Oh yeah! Someone else joining the OPPO Nation
    Serving the OPPO Master Race
    and now loyal to the OPPO Game!

    Keepin it real. Haters gon’ hate.
    OPPO For Life!

    1. Maganda at matibay ang build ng oppo phones. I have one myself pero mas credible kung tech blogger ang kinuhang endorser. Pano nila mapapaniwala ang mga tao na maganda ang brand nila kung papantayan nila ang kacheapan ng myphone at cherry mobile. Walang integrity ang celebrities pagdating sa phone endorsements, di na sila natuto sa htc m9.

      1. > I have one myself pero mas credible kung tech blogger ang kinuhang endorser.

        True, I agree. Though if we were marketing, I’d get two endorsers, one endorser for the spec heads like the Unbox team, Abe or even Abuzal..never mind. And also another endorser for the casuals, and that’s where we put the celebs in like Danny P. , Sarah G. and even Kuya Wil.

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