Save Time And Money With HP Smart Tanks

It is more than having a large ink reservoir

Whether its printing important documents or just photos of your pets, having a dependable printer is a must for any young professional. But not all printers are made equal, and that bargain-basement special that you bought online may just turn out to be a huge time and money sink, instead of a great deal.

That’s why a lot of people go for HP’s proven and trusty printers. Their new Smart Tank 515 is reliable and cost-efficient, saving you both time and money when you print.

This workhorse all-in-one printer has large ink reservoirs that give you value for money when it comes to all your printing needs. Here’s just some of the features you can expect from it:

Large ink tanks for more prints. Instead of fumbling through disposable cartridges, the Smart Tank 515 uses an integrated ink tank system with an automatic ink sensor to remind you when to refill using HP’s spill-free and resealable ink bottles. The Smart Tank 515 is rated for 8000 colored pages and 6000 black and white pages per ink bottle, making it capable of handling even the most demanding printing tasks.

Fast and efficient. The Smart Tank 515 lets you print at speeds of up to 11PPM of black and white text and graphics and up to 5PPM of colored text and graphics. In a rush? the Smart Tank 515 can print a 10x15cm colored photo in just 76 seconds. Its scanner can scan up to 3PPM in color and up to 5ppm in black and white.

No wires necessary. If you want to keep your workplace free from messy wires, the Smart Tank 515’s built-in dual-band WiFi and Bluetooth LE prints your documents wirelessly, letting you get your documents ready wherever and whenever. Setup is simple and fast, and with the HP Smart App, you can print, copy, scan, and share files with just your smartphone.

The Smart Tank 615 is priced at Php 11,990 and is available and is available at all authorized HP resellers dealers nationwide and online stores.

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