Screenshots Confirm Cherry Mobile One G1 Getting Android 6.0


Here’s proof that Cherry Mobile’s Android one device is getting Marshmallow

Last week Google announced that Android One phones will be getting Android 6.0, AKA Marshmallow. If you still needed convincing that Google’s latest OS will be hitting Cherry Mobile’s Android One phone, check out the photos below. Those are screenshots of Cherry Mobile’s One G1 (H220) showing off Android Marshmallow.



Aside from the new easter egg, you can expect enhanced battery life via Doze, better storage management via adaptive storage and Google’s Now On Tap feature.



We’re still not sure when the new update will drop, but as soon as we get it we’ll let you guys know.

You can read our full review of the value-packed One G1 here. 

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  1. Not too exciting to be brutally honest.
    But I say that custom ROMs will abound… if somehow this phone would be popular. Is it?

  2. I have an android one g1 with the beta marshmallow that’s the same as with those screenshots. I askes you guys a month ago if you wanted a chance to review it and you have yet to contact me.

  3. How come mine says update available then i clicked it then it reboot and downloaded the update. But when i checked at the “about phone” it’s still on lollipop. I did it thrice already but still the same thing happened… Still on lollipop hmmmmmm…

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