Seagate Sued Over Failing Hard Drives


Users say their drives fail too fast

Wondered why your brand new 3TB Seagate drive suddenly just died? Well you’re not alone – apparently there’s a large swath of consumers that had their Seagate-made hard disk drives fail on them, and now they’re taking the storage manufacturer to court over it. A class action lawsuit has been filed against the company in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, alleging that the company’s drives “failed to live up to the advertised promises”.

Specifically, the lawsuit is leveled against Seagate’s Barracuda 3TB HDD/Backup Plus 3TB External Hard Disk Drive. Hagens Berman, the firm that’s representing consumers against Seagate, saying that the drives “failed at exceptionally high rates”. How high? Well, some complaints in the suit say that the drives failed “days after their first use”. These aren’t just wild accusations – Backblaze, a company that offers cloud storage and itself uses multiple hard disk drive models from a plethora of companies, say that Segate’s 3TB drives are the least reliable among their collection of over 49,000 drives.


John Nieves

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  1. Actually not just their 3TB hard drive….most seagate-made hard drive na nagamit ko Always fails to work after a year or two… mapa internal or external man yan…pati din sa mga laptop ng Friends ko…kaya talaga i only use wd and Toshiba hard drives kasi both brand are reliable!

    1. Same here. 3 months after buying last year, nagsystem error na ang spare 1tb external seagate ko buti na lang for back-up purpose at hindi main. May mali sa manufacturing process ng seagate wd pa rin kahit mas mahal.

        1. Sabi ko naman kasi sayo zobel wag kang magkakatol masyado. Tingnan mo yang sentence mo magulo pa sa utak ng nakarugby.

  2. Over 2 years nah Seagate Barracuda ko buti nlng hindi pah nagfafail.

    I heard a lot of these kind of stories though in computer-related forums(locally).

  3. parang mas matibay pa yung mga luma nila ah…. i have my old 80GB barracuda for 11years na as main drive hindi pa rin pumapalya… kahit isang bad sector wala….

    Toshiba, HGST for me…

  4. So I’m not the only one huh…Yeah Seagate really fails. It’s a good thing my friend recommended me a Toshiba brand. Never change brand since then.

  5. Serves them right for buying an American brand. When it comes to stuff that uses electricity, don’t rely on inferior western engineering (same applies for cars, too.) Crapcomm itself almost split in two. It’s only a matter of time before Intel becomes the laughing stock.

  6. Hmph, I actually had seagate hard drives in my pc…and thankfully it’s still works well without any flaws.

    Well i guess the New Mechanism of those New hard drives are a fault….

    Still, Maybe i guess i’am going to buy a new HDD but of course in another brand instead, Maybe i go to HGST sooner!

  7. Madali nga masira ang Seagate. May 2 1tera akong nag-fail wala pang 2 years. good thing 3 years ang warranty at madali magpa-RMA sa seagate. sa ibang brands madali lang ba?

    Is silicon power a good brand too? i’m choosing between Silicon Power A60 and Toshiba Canvio Simple / Connect II 1TB.

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