SGP Argos Leather Case for the Samsung Galaxy S3

SGP Argos Leather Flip Case for the Galaxy S3

Review: SGP Argos Leather Case for the Galaxy S3

The Samsung Galaxy S3 (click to read our review) is getting a lot of marketing love not only from Samsung Philippines but also from Smart Communications. If you go through Edsa and C5 you’ll see several Galaxy S3 billboards (LED and the printed ones). I also heard that Samsung sponsored the on-going UAAP games and they’re bannering the Galaxy S3 there as well. With all the noise this smartphone is generating it’s no wonder that a lot of third-party accessory manufacturers are rushing to get cases out to the market.

One of my favorite distributors, Applewerkz, brought in the newest SGP cases for the Galaxy S3. They have several cases available but what caught my attention was the SGP Argos Leather Case. Suffice to say we ended up getting one. Read on for our review. 🙂

The SGP Argos is a flip-type case made from leather. It comes in black, brown, or white. From any angle it looks absolutely stunning. The quality of the materials used in this case is definitely topnotch. The leather not only makes it stylish but it also gives ample protection from drops and bumps.

There are cut-outs and openings for all the buttons and ports… save for the mini-USB port if you have it closed. This is kinda annoying for me though since I have to keep the case open just to have the Galaxy S3 charging.

Argos brand on the front cover

The front cover opens up from the top down. It’s not like the official flip cover where you open it like a normal notebook from the side.The backside of the front cover has felt covering giving the screen of the Galaxy S3 both protection and a little bit of cleaning.


The Argos successfully makes the Galaxy S3 look better but some people might find the “flipping” too much of a hassle. You will have to open it up each time you read an SMS, check Twitter, or take a call. If you’re a heavy user of the phone then you might want to take at other cases that don’t have front covers like the Otterbox Commuter Series.

Pricing and Availability

SRP is somewhere around Php2,200-Php2,300. It’s already available in Applewerkz store but in limited quantities so better call or inquire on their Facebook Page before you make the trip.

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