SGP Neo Hybrid Lumi Series for the Galaxy S3

SGP Neo Hybrid Lumi Series for the Galaxy S3

SGP Neo Hybrid Lumi Series for the Galaxy S3

More premium cases are coming in to the Philippines for the Samsung Galaxy S3. I guess this is a sign that it’s doing well here. One of the more balanced cases (style + protection) that we’ve seen is the SGP Neo Hybrid Lumi Series which is being sold right now by Applewerkz. The case is thin, lightweight, and yet provides decent levels of protection for the Galaxy S3.

Two Components: TPU Back Cover and Polycarbonate Frame

The Neo Hybrid Lumi Series is composed of two parts – the TPU back cover and the polycarbonate frame. The frame is made to protect the sides of the device. One good thing about the frame is that it’s interchangeable. You can actually buy different colors of the frames and mix and match it with your back cover. As of this writing though Applewerkz isn’t offering frames yet.

Polycarbonate Frame (the yellow thing)
TPU Back Cover

The second part is the TPU back cover. This one is made from premium material which provides better durability. It’s form-fitted to the curves and design of the Galaxy S3 as well. Just like the polycarbonate frame, the TPU back cover comes in different colors and you can mix and match it.

The Lumi series we got had a yellow polycarbonate frame and a gray TPU back cover. One of my personal favorite color combinations!

What the back looks like
Front with the case on

Pricing and Availability

The SGP Neo Hybrid Series for the Galaxy S3 is available right now in Applewerkz. The branch we usually go to is the one they have in Katipunan across Blue Ridge/Country Side. SRP is Php1,790.

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