“Share the Wisdom, Feeling you and me…” – CKK Mobile


So I’m stumped. I honestly have no idea what the slogan of CKK Mobile, a new local branded consumer electronics company, means. Do they mean that by buying their products allows you to share your wisdom and your feelings to the world? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Anyway, if you guys care to share your comments on what their slogan means, feel free to hit the comments below.

Source: CKK Mobile Website

Carlo Ople

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  1. just a grammar problem, i guess. but if they can come up with bang for the buck products, who cares about WTF slogans lol.

    1. True, it may be “just” a grammar problem, but if you’re going to market your company in a professional manner, on the internet, exposed to anyone in the world with a computer and internet connection, you might want to make sure that “grammar problems” or typos get fixed up before venturing out.

  2. Parang grade one lang ang gumawa ng slogan. Tinagalog na lang sana nila kung ang target market naman e yung masa.

  3. walang kwenta slogan at model. importante ok ang presyo ng products at sulit. bye bye myphone and cherry

      1. It’s 3 years old! for them not to get noticed for 3 years means that this company really sucks like SKK .____.

      2. At this point though, there’s really no difference. Just another company mongering obscure run-of-the-mill, Chinese-made smart phones that don’t really grab anyone’s attention.

  4. I think they meant “Share the wisdom, feelings, you and me.” Kumbaga, share the wisdom and feelings with each other.

    As they say, commas are important. ????

  5. That seemingly irrelevant slogan sounds like it’s been pulled straight out of some corny drama/romance telenovela from the 90s. And that’s a good thing because that just gave me something stupid to laugh at.

  6. Ayon sa google translate: “Ibahagi ang Wisdom, Feeling mo at ako”, ang labo?-_-

    Next topic! ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. Sa mga nagsasabing walang kwenta yung mga slogans at ads, kung di mo nga maaasahan yung isang company na maging tama man lang yung slogans sa ads, paano mo sila maaasahan sa mga phone na paggagastusan mo ng libo-libong piso?? Parang sinabi mo rin na okay lang maging ignorante. Hindi lang ‘to grammar problem, walang meaning, walang sense yung slogan nila. Sobrang nakakahiya hahaha.

  8. They used a promotional picture from “Super Mario Galaxy” (for the Wii console) on their website. Typical Filipino disregard for copyright laws. Nintendo should sue them.

  9. Also, kung tingnan mo ang FB page nila it would appear that some of their staff who man the FB page can’t resist tyPIng and sPeLLinG likE diS when replying to some of their customers’ queries.

  10. Guys, it’s a chinese company. Transliterated yan malamang from the kanji they used. It’s like THL ‘s ” Technology happy life”, which vaguely means happy life is achievable via technology. Seriously though, pinansin nyo pa ito with multitude of chinese companies out there with similar branding??? Either wala kayong alam sa ibang languages at di nyo agad na gets, or it’s just a benign way of bashing CKK.

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