Skyroam Global Hotspot Review: Hassle-free Internet Wherever You Are


We took Skyroam’s Global Hotspot for a spin!

Getting a reliable, stable, mobile internet connection is a big deal for us. Since we’re mobile workers, it’s our lifeline to our job and our family, especially when we have to travel overseas for work. This weekend we were invited by Cherry Mobile to take a looksie at the production facilities of their battery, charger and phone ODMs in Shenzhen, China, so we decided to take along Skyroam’s Global Hotspot with us for the trip.


We’ve already gone through what Skyroam is, but for the uninitiated, it’s essentially a mobile router that’s able to connect to virtually any network on earth. Unlike other mobile routers, it doesn’t have a SIM card installed – instead, Skyroam has cut a deal with major telcos around the world for data using their patented virtual SIM technology. This allows Skyroam to give its subscribers the ability to get mobile internet wherever there’s a phone signal, no matter which country they’re in. Even better – customers using Skyroam are able to enjoy the native mobile speeds that local subscribers enjoy at a flat rate for 24 hours. Unlike roaming, the data doesn’t have to be piped to the PH before going to your phone.

Using the hotspot is simplicity itself. The device is lent out by Global Roam Philippines, who then loads the device with credits depending on how long you’ll be gone. For reference, the service uses a flat rate system – you pay Php 490 for 24 hours’ worth of access.

Once we arrived in Hong Kong, we turned the service on and immediately connected to it. We were getting healthy speeds even on 3G, though be aware that there’s a data cap of 350MB. If you go over that limit, the device knocks your speeds down to 256kbps, but you’ll still enjoy internet access.

The service seamlessly switches between countries as well – once we crossed the border from Hong Kong to Shenzhen, the router automatically switched from one provider to another, ensuring that we got the best mobile data connection that’s available in an area. Probably the only knock against Skyroam is that the battery life of the router isn’t the best – just 4 to 5 hours on a single charge – which means you’ll have to connect it to a powerbank if you want to keep your data connection with you while you explore a foreign city.


For once, we never worried about our data connection while overseas. It allowed us to keep an eye on our social networks (and write a story or two while on the move) as well as helped us navigate through the urban jungle that is Shenzhen and Hong Kong. If you’re travelling abroad and want worry-free internet when you get to your destination, you need to give Skyroam a try. You can check out their Facebook page here, or call them at  553 5579.

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