Smart Bro Power Plug-it Review

Smart Bro Power Plug-it and Globe Tattoo Stick

Ever since my ill-fated first relationship with Smart Bro a few years ago I switched over to Sun Cellular and Globe for my mobile internet requirements. A series of unfortunate experiences (a mix of long intermittent connection periods and bad customer support) led me to terminate as soon as the contract expired. However it looks like that’s the price almost all first adopters pay. As most of you know I recently signed up for the Globe Tattoo Tonino Lamborghini postpaid plan. This is a totally new product category since it’s 4G. However it’s currently underperforming and I’m starting to get frustrated with it. During my initial tests I bought a prepaid 3G Smart Bro Power Plug-it kit for trial purposes and now I end up using it more than the 4G postpaid Tattoo.

Here are the things I like about the Smart Bro Power Plug-it:

Hardware Design

The Smart Bro Power Plug-it is a simple dominantly black with orange highlights USB stick. It’s slim, curved, and has the indicator lights for signal and connectivity. The Globe Tattoo Tonino Lamborghini, on the other hand, is a USB stick with a sticker saying “Tonino Lamborghini” on top. Note that the sticker isn’t that good since mine peeled off already after less than 2 months of use. 🙁

However that’s a good thing since it looks really awesome without the sticker!

Shiny, classy, and sleek without the sticker!

Not too happy with the designs of the regular Globe Tattoo sticks. The abstract designs with weird colors just doesn’t appeal to me. Maybe I’m not their target market. =_=

User Interface
The Smart Bro Power Plug-it has far superior user interface (software) compared to Sun, Globe Tattoo, or the Globe Tattoo Tonino Lamborghini. It’s easier to navigate, cooler on the eyes, and it’s definitely made for non-techies. Check out this short video comparison that I made:

The Smart Bro Power Plug-it control pannel lets you send SMS, make calls, check your balance, and of course tinker with the settings. The other USBs do some of the features I just mentioned as well but the presentation of Smart is much better.

Reliable Speed
This is what surprised me the most. I was a disgruntled Smart subscriber before and it turns out the Smart Bro Power Plug-it consistently delivers the speed that I need at home, at the office, and in most places that I go to. This may differ based on location but if you’re mostly in Greenhills, Fort Bonifacio, Ortigas (Metro Walk, Podium), and Eastwood the Smart Bro Power Plug-it is actually reliable.

The Globe Tattoo also is okay but it falters a lot in Greenhills. The same can be said for the Globe Tattoo Tonino Lamborghini which I’ve yet to fully maximize (hoping that the HSPA+ network reaches my office in Fort and here in San Juan at the soonest).

The Smart Bro Power Plug It kit sells for P1,245 (with free 120 hours worth of load valid for 5 days) at Smart Wireless Centers nationwide.

Carlo Ople

Carlo is the Editor-in-Chief and Founder of During daytime he’s the Managing Director and Partner of a Digital Marketing Agency in the Philippines and by nighttime he’s living out his passion as a gadget enthusiast and story teller through Unbox.

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  1. I use both prepaid Globe and Smart, but I have made my Globe stick openline and put in a Smart sim. I am more satisfied with SmartBro’s connection. Best of all, SmartBro doesn’t have a limit!
    Globe, on the other hand, has a daily cap of 1GB – fair usage policy crap, they say. 1GB only lasts me about 7 hours. It useless!

  2. SMART BRO Power Plug It – 1,245 prepaid broadband modem//

    Free 240 Hours Internet Good for 10 days.. – yes totoo yan nag ka problema pa nga ako diyan kasi ang na credit lang sakin is 120 hours good for 5 days lang kaya ayon naka 5 calls ako sa cutomer service ng smart nabalik naman at nagamit ko din ang kulang na 120 hours after almost 3 days hehe ganun ka tagal..//

    Deficiency noted:

    Ang speed daw is up to 3.6 Mbps – siyempre part yan ng promotion campaign nila but when u really had and experience the power plug it hehehe ma bibwisit ka lang.. //

    Yes totoo po na you can plug it anywhere depende nga lang sa location,,
    Yes its up to 3.6Mbps pero kelan yun pag wala ng gumagamit? hehehe.. oh siguro pag nasa ilalim o katabi ka ng Signal Site ng Broadband nila..//

    Yes totoo po na pwede ka mag text at tumawag thru the modem dahil pede mo siyang paloadan ng regular load sa mga load retailers or sa tabi tabi na may nag lo-load.. ito nga lang halimbawa po nag paload ka ng 50 or 100 etc.. payo lang once na, na plug mo na siya sa desktop or laptop automatic siyang mag ko-connect kaya dapat i cancel mo agad kung hindi bawas ng 10 pesos ang load mo sa broadband pero magagamit mo naman siya for 30 minutes yun nga lang kelangan before 30 minutes disconnect mo na ulit kasi pag lumampas ka sa 30 minutes additional deduction naman ng 10 pesos sa pinaload mo..//


    Smart Power Plug it, ay pepwede sa mga minsan lang gumagamit o nag se-surf sa net, kung email, chatting and search pde siya but again depende DAW po ang speed sa location at sa dami ng gumagamit hehehe..

    Kung online games, youtube, for downloading purpose at sa lahat na in general, suggest ko lang na mag Broadband or DSL kyo postpaid para stable ang connection depende na po kung anong gusto niyon Broadband o DSL nasubukan ko na ang Smart Wireless yung may antena plan 999 dun sa isang bahay din namin sa makati ok siya mabilis siya.. gayun din sa bahay ng kapatid ko Globe Broadband 995 yung may antena din ok po siya.. Hindi ko pa na try ang PLDT but marami po akong naririnig na maganda ang performance ng PLDT.. Ang SKY Broadband hindi ko pa po na try at ang Bayan tel so no comment sa dalawa hehe..//

    Ito po ay aking opinyon at suggestion lamang nag mamalasakit lang po ako.. at nag bibigay ng idea sa mga nag paplanong bumili, at mag pakabet ng Broadband DSL.. Totoo po kasi depende po ito sa inyong location kaya meron silang survey or survey area na tinatawag pra ma check kung ok ang signal sa area ninyo.. Anyway ang sakin lang inuulit ko the best pa rin po ang may antena or DSL pag gusto niyo ng totoong performance depende na po sa inyo kung anong Broadband or ilang speed ang gusto niyo marami kasi ang pag pipilian kaya piliin niyo yung sa tingin niyo pasok sa budget at ma sa-satisfy kyo makakatipid kyo kung postpaid plan kayo kung palagi kayong nag iinternet.. Pero kung outdoor within metro manila at naka laptop kayo suggestion ko ay SUN Broadband totoo po yan ok po ang SUN Broadband pag USB ang usapan hehehe.. Kayo na po ang bahala guide at opinyon ko lang ito base sa aking karanasan sa mga Broadband hehehe.. //

    Ang sakin lang po Pera at Serbisyo ang pinag uusapan dito sa hirap po ng panahon ngayon sana naman maging maayos at tapat na serbisyo ang kapalit..//

    Salamat po//

  3. Terrible signal in QC (Kamuning,BF,Las Pinas), and if you do get good a good speed, it degrades after 3 months and never goes back to original speed. I am now experiencing 56k modem speed even after repeated complaints to smart customer support.

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