SMART Bro Rocket WiFi Plus

SMART Bro Rocket WiFi Plus

SMART Bro Rocket WiFi Plus

SMART has been aggressively rolling out their HSPA+ network coverage in the last few months. In fact they are already covering certain parts of San Juan City including my condo. I’ve tested the SMART Bro Rocket Plug-it and it rarely goes below 3mbps and tops at 8mbps. Building on top of the success of the SMART Bro Rocket Plug-it, there’s the new SMART Bro Rocket WiFi Plus.

The SMART Bro Rocket WiFi Plus is basically a portable pocket router which can connect to the HSPA+ network of SMART. It has the capability to go up to 20Mbps. Up to 5 gadgets can connect to the device.

How much? The actual pocket router sells for Php6,495. For the internet you’ll have to fork over Php200 for every 180MB. A bit pricey especially if you’re the type that downloads movies and television series at home using torrents.

If you want one you can pre-order at this site. It comes with free 180MB preload.

For more information on what kind of internet plan you should get, please visit this post on our sister site, New Media PH, which talks about the difference between FIXED and MOBILE internet connections. Very useful read. :)

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