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Smart Demoes LTE-A In Boracay, Achieves Speeds of 238Mbps!


The next evolution of LTE is here

Despite the challenges faced by local telcos in improving the average speeds of their subscribers, the hunt to deliver the fastest possible speeds continues. Smart thinks it has the edge over its local rival via LTE-A or 4.5G, which it successfully demoed at an event in Boracay tonight.

For the uninitiated, LTE-A or LTE Advanced is a new type of technology that utilizes several LTE bands to deliver blazing internet speeds. Because the theoretical limit of a single carrier of LTE in a 20MHz block is only 150Mbps, telcos need to turn to carrier aggregation to deliver even faster speeds to their consumers.

Think of an LTE band as a lane on a highway. A single lane can only accomodate so much cars (in our case, data). What carrier aggregation does is add additional lanes in a highway, which delivers more bandwith than a single lane could.

The result? Blazing fast internet, even faster than traditional fiber internet lines. Just think: you can download a 690mb file in less than a minute. Our Speedtest results above certainly is very impressive.

Of course with new tech means new gear. Not all smartphones can support carrier aggregation – only a select few have the necessary modems that support the new tech, phones like Samsung’s Galaxy S7.

While Smart’s event in Boracay is a tech demonstrator, the company is working hard to make the technology available in more areas. The company said that they’re pushing hard to completely cover Boracay in LTE-A by the end of the second quarter. Manila is a dicier proposition, and Smart did not give us a firm timeline as of yet. On the upside, they say that they’re already building the backend necessary for LTE-A, which should also benefit the customers on regular LTE and 3G by way of faster speeds. Once everything is ready, Smart says turning on LTE-A is as easy as sending out a software patch to their towers.

John Nieves

John is a veteran technology and gadget journalist with more than 10 years of experience both in print and online. When not writing about technology, he frequently gets lost in the boonies playing soldier.


  1. Pataasan ng speed tong mga telco, peru yung mga province malapit sa Metro Manila wala pa rin stable internet. Anung pagmamayabang yan? Pako explain? Hate you! :p

  2. So after 2 minutes they will cap my Internet connection for the day? Coz I just blazed through my paltry 800 MB?

    Internet in the Philippines is so ridiculous, it’s a joke – really!

    What we need here is competition! Not only 2 providers. And the abolishing of pathetic low data caps.

  3. Yeah. Mabilis talaga sa Boracay at sa ibang province na kaunti lang ang subscribers. How about testing your so called LTE-A sa Metro Manila. If smart can achieve same speed in random parts of Metro Manila, then maniniwala akong hindi na tayo nalalayo sa S. Korea and Japan in terms of internet speed. Dito nga lang sa Naga, LTE na, pawala wala pa signal ng smart madalas sa gabi.

    I hope people at Smart have to IMPROVE their SERVICES FIRST and foremost before boasting their latest technology.

    1. You are dumb. Kahit anong bansa, the more phones na gumagamit ng naturang service, the more congested at babagal ang individual internet speed mo. FIXED lang ang bandwidth na allocated sa Smart para sa LTE A line nila. Kahit sa 3G nila, may certain capacity lang dahil sa spectrum limit.Di gaya sa Korea or America na mataas ang allocated bandwidth pára maka accomodate ng mas maraming connections, dito kakarampot lang dahil KASALANAN NG NTC YAN! NATUTULOG ANG MGA TAO DOON!

      1. CP, Inulit mo lang sinabi ko in a different manner. Sabi ko konti lang tao sa Boracay and you said “the more congested at babagal ang individual internet speed”. See the similarities? If you don’t, you’re the DUMB one. Clearly, you dont have enough knowledge of what you are saying. What you know exactly are what you had read from the internet. Nothing more.

        I now see your level of understanding regarding networks and I don’t want to go very low at your level.

        And I’m not defending any telcos. What I’m saying is that telcos, like smart, have to improve first their services. Is that statement a defense for telcos? I’m just a consumer trying to voice out my lament about their services.

        Look who’s dumb and dumber…

  4. What you’re gonna do with all that speed if lahat ng offer nila is hindi unlimited. It is for their own benefit. The faster the internet is, the more money you will spend for data allocation. I think the current ruler of this country has a connivance with manipulating the income for better internet connection. They can do whatever they want because we don’t have a choice. Mula ng nakialam ang NTC sa internet speed lalong lumala..and eto sila.. dalawang Telco.. pabilisan ng internet pero hindi na unlimited… well pabilisan na din sila sa pagyaman.. kasi the faster it is. the more you will pay and spend money for internet.(ULIT ULIT PARA DI KAYO MAUTO). sana meron pa ding company na mas isipin ang customers kesa sa sarili nila. Sana maisip nila na di nila madadala ang yaman sa kabilang buhay pagkatapos ng lahat ng paghahangad nila..

  5. WOOWWWWW. ANG BILIS. GRABE. Ni hindi pa nga ako nakakatikim ng LTE niyo, LTE-A pa kaya!! Tapos may cap pa. Huwaw. Endorse pa Smart. Bilib na talaga ako sa kalokohan ng Smart.

  6. LTE-A ka nga, with minimum speeds of 250kbps with 80% reliability naman. yeah right.
    ayusin muna nila ang HSPA coverage, i-max nila ang available speeds and reliability. jan ako matutuwa.

  7. Speed is useless and its just a come on by Telco i guess because fast speed with DATA CAPPING is a piece of Scrap…They cap our bandwidth when we download to much data although you are in unli plaN ..You are right your connection is fast but try downloading exceed your data allocation after that your downloading is snail slow but if you test your speed it is still high..

  8. Data transfer is now faster than it was. At high speeds, heavy users can easily reach their data limit in a short time and before they know it, capped na sila. Now is the right time for these telcos to reconsider their FUP (Fair Use Policy). And as a consumer, I suggest that you, telcos, should rewrite your FUPs, increasing our data volume limit, say 2gb or 3gb a day.

    I know people here at unbox.com will agree in incresing data limits since I came across an article here with Mr. Carlo Ople posing with Senator Guingona holding a complaint letter about Globe’s capping (Am I right, guys?)

    Have a nice day guys…

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