Smart Freedom Plan now offers LTE Packages

Smart LTE FTW!
Smart LTE FTW!

Smart Freedom Plan now offers LTE Packages

Smart is now offering unlimited LTE on Smart Postpaid’s Freedom Plan subscribers. For those who are not aware, Freedom Plan is a postpaid service were you will only pay on what you use. Its like Plan Zero during the 90’s. LTE plans available are similar with prepaid LTE service.

Here are the Freedom Plan LTE Bundles:

  • LTE 50 (1 day)
  • LTE 299 (7 days)
  • LTE 995 (30 days)

Just type LTE (amount) then send it to 9990. Note that your device should be LTE capable to enjoy the service. It also comes with Flexibundles. Subscribers can mix and match calls, texts and data bundles plus it can be changed monthly. Check other bundles here –

Smart Freedom Plan only has P600 credit limit. If you wish to have unlimited LTE for a month (P995) and plus unlimited calls and texts (P600), you’ll have pay at least P1,000 in advance in order to avail of the service. You can pay thru the Smart Load Express machines found in Smart stores or directly over the counter. Just provide your account number and mobile phone number.


Not yet a Freedom Plan subscriber? Its easy to apply! There’s no need to bring requirements such as Proof of Billing and Proof of Financial Capability. All you only need is an ID. But we suggest that you bring two IDs to make sure. So go now to your nearest Smart store to avail the service.

Obviously you need an LTE enabled smartphone for this to work. We’ve reviewed several already so just click any of the links below to check ’em out:

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  1. Do I still need to have my freedom plan Sim changed to an LTE enabled enabled Sim? Or are all freedom plan Sim cards LTE capable? Am using a Galaxy S3 I9305. Thanks.

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