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Smart iPhone 5 Plans vs Globe iPhone 5 Plans: Which is Better?

Smart iPhone 5 plans vs Globe iPhone 5 plans

Which iPhone 5 Plan Reigns Supreme? Smart or Globe?

So both telcos announced their postpaid plans and prepaid kit prices for the iPhone 5 already. The big question on everyone’s mind now is which telco offers the better package?  See below for the comparative table.

iPhone 5 Postpaid Plan Price Comparison (Smart vs Globe)

Base price, Smart wins

As you can see in the table, Smart and Globe offer the 16GB at the same price but the story becomes much different when it comes to the 32GB and 64GB models. Smart offers the 32GB model at the same monthly service fee as Globe offers the 16GB model. When it comes to 64GB, Smart also undercuts Globe because the cash out at Plan 3000 is just Php2,900 while Globe offers the 64GB with Php4,800 cash out at Plan 3799 (even a higher monthly service fee). Even for the prepaid kit, Smart (Php33,600) edges out Globe (Php35,400).

What about the Calls and Texts?

Let’s compare the base 2499 plans for both telcos. For Globe you get unlimited data, 1500 consumable (7.5 per minute call, 1 peso text), and let’s assume we get the +125 texts and +25 minutes call freebie. Half of the consumable will be for calls and the other half for text messages. This is what it will look like if you put both plans side-by-side:

So what is this telling us? Globe offers more flexibility with how you can use your plan but the unit you’re getting is still just the 16GB model. Smart, on the other hand, offers more call minutes (300 minutes computed with Globe’s rate is equivalent to Php2,250 which is already more than the consumable amount of the plan) and a higher model (32GB storage) but you only get 300 text messages.

And there you have it! Who’s better? Well ultimately it depends on what you want. Personally I’m leaning more towards Smart’s offer because of the higher storage and I’m the type that calls more than texts (my officemates and friends will attest to this). There are also a lot of ways to send free messages using data.

#SmartiPhone 5 or #GlobeiPhone5? Sound off in the comments section below folks!

Carlo Ople

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  1. I chose globe because of their reset plan. Nacancel na yung plan ko na 999. May 1 year pang remaining. If not for this, smart na siguro pinili ko.

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