Smart Launches Charge2Phone: Sticker-based NFC Card Charged to Your Mobile Number


Novel Idea But Needs More Merchants

This is pretty fascinating and quite a novel idea! Smart, Voyager Innovations, and Citibank have all partnered up to offer Smart and Sun subscribers a new service called Charge2Phone (C2P). It’s a sticker-based credit card of sorts which will allow contactless payments over-the-counter or for online payments using your Smart or Sun mobile number.

To avail of this service you need to apply for a Citi Rewards Card via the Citibank website or through a Smart/Sun Business Center. If you get approved you get the sticker which you can place on your mobile phone so that you can just tap it on any Visa payWave terminal to pay for your purchase. You can only use this service for purchases below Php2,000. If I understand it correctly this gets charged to your postpaid number and you get the corresponding Citibank Rewards Points on your Rewards Card which you can redeem later on.

See below for the list of merchants that have this payment terminal. It’s definitely still limited right now. The success of this program will rely heavily on the adoption of the Visa PayWave terminal.


You get charged the usual annual fee for the Citibank Rewards card for this service.

Charge2Phone was announced together with a suite of other services in Smart’s new Smart Life campaign. Click here to read more about it.

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  1. Wouldn’t Smart helping bring Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, AND Android Wallet to the Philippines, be the Smart-er move? (Get it?)

    I mean, you can attach your card that HAS Visa or Mastercard as well as gift cards and certificates to the said services without having to create a new bank account (you MUST create a Citi account to use this service) or slapping an unsightly sticker to your device; all services use built-in NFC, like the Jollibee Happyplus cards…

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