Smart launches HSPA+ Rocket High line-up

Smart launches the Smart Rocket Chic, lowers prices of Rocket Plug-it

Smart introduces the Rocket Chic and lowers Rocket Plug-it price

The HSPA+ wars here in the Philippines are booming and the obvious winners aren’t from the telco side, it’s really the consumers. Because of the stiff competition we’re getting better products and even better marketing, hehe. Anyway, Smart just relaunched their Smart Bro Rocket line-up by lowering the price of the Smart Rocket Plug-it and introducing a new branded plug-it for women called the Smart Rocket Chic.

Here are the new prices:

Rocket Plug-it Chic – Up to 12 Mbps: Php2,345
Rocket Plug-it – Up to 12 Mbps: Php2,345
Rocket Wifi – Up to 20 Mbps: Php6,495

The Rocket Chic makes for an excellent Valentine’s gift for your significant other, especially if she spends a lot of time on the internet.

HSPA+ Coverage

From personal experience the HSPA+ coverage of SMART is pretty good in Metro Manila. I have three HSPA+ capable smartphones (Galaxy Note, Galaxy Nexus, and iPhone 4S) and 70% of the time I have HSPA+ signals wherever I go. I can’t say yet for outside Metro Manila yet though.

If you want to buy one just head over to any Smart Wireless Center or you can also buy from the Smart Online Store.

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  1. Google shows your sit thus today 2-5-2012 I got a tweet yesterday from Gio of SMART saying that they updated the list of HSPA+ covered areas, but there was nothing about updated list on your site for yesterday

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