Smart LTE Plan 3500 Doubles Bandwidth Cap

Smart LTE Plan 3500 will now have a cap of 21GB per month

Smart doubles bandwidth cap for LTE Plan 3500

When Smart initially launched their LTE mobile broadband service it was Php3,500 per month for 10GB. If you compare it to other countries who have LTE it’s actually already priced pretty competitively. Unfortunately a lot of people still think that Php3,500 a month for 10GB is too expensive. The good news is that we just confirmed that the Smart LTE Plan 3500 will have double the monthly bandwidth cap at 21GB!

Tried and Tested

We’ve already done a lot of field tests with Smart’s LTE service in the last few months and it consistently delivers jaw-dropping speeds as long as we have LTE signal. Our most recent road test was just as remarkable as we kept on getting 22 Mbps DL speeds. Faaaaasssstttt~!

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More locations

One of the biggest advantages right now for Smart LTE is the number of locations that they’re currently covering. When considering which LTE service to pick you have to consider two important things: coverage and reliability. Smart has this already since their LTE service has been reviewed and tested by several tech writers and bloggers already and they’re not just limited to Makati City. Here’s a link to the map on the Smart website which shows different LTE covered areas in Metro Manila.

For more information about the Smart LTE Plan 3500, visit their official product page here.

Disclosure: Author currently works for TV5 which is a sister company of Smart. Views expressed here though are my own and does not represent the company that I work for.

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