Smart LTE Pocket WiFi at Plan 3500 and Plan 1749

Smart LTE Pocket WiFi priced and launched! Photo via @smartcares

Smart LTE Pocket WiFi priced and launched!

Remember the Smart LTE Pocket WiFi announced a few weeks ago? You can actually get one already by subscribing to either of the two LTE plans: 1749 and 3500. Plan 1749 gives you a monthly cap of 10GB while Plan 3500 gives you a monthly cap of 21GB (same rule applies to the Smart LTE Mobile Broadband Dongle). You just have to pony up a one-time fee of Php2,000 to upgrade from the USB dongle to the Pocket WiFi device. Note that there’s a lock-in period of 24 months for both plans.

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For more information about the Smart LTE Pocket WiFi you can visit the official product page here. Here’s a link as well to the map showing different locations covered by Smart LTE.

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