SMART Netphone 701 coming soon?

SMART to launch the Netphone soon?

We just received an exclusive invite to a roundtable discussion about the SMART Netphone 701 next week. It looks like SMART is gearing up to launch this soon since they’re already reaching out to bloggers and media. From what I’ve read so far the SMART Netphone 701 will pack a HVGA 320 x 480 capacitive LCD screen, 3.2 MP camera with Auto Focus, and micro SD card slot. For the software they’re using Android 2.2 but they do have some custom applications which will make the phone compelling. Here’s the video that I found from Jayvee’s blog:

The main selling point though is the price. I’ve heard from several sources already that SMART will be subsidizing the cost so that people can get this handset at a very good prize for low postpaid plans. Maybe this is the phone that will usher in the smartphone revolution in the Philippines?

We’ll have more information and maybe an initial review next week after the roundtable. For photos and a sneak peek, head on over to Technoodling.

Carlo Ople

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  1. If they price the Smart Netphone just right, we’re sure a lot of people will go for it. Bundle it with the lowest Smart plans, then it’ll be a winner. We just might grab one for the heck of it.

    1. I agree with you. It will boil down to: “Is this worth my money?” If it’s priced low then this could be the second phone of those who own BB’s or iPhones. This can also be the first smartphone of a lot of people.

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