Smart offers the Samsung Galaxy S3 at Unli Data Plan 2000

Galaxy S3 at no cash out from SMART at Unli Data Plan 2000

Get the Galaxy S3 at NO CASH OUT from Smart at Unli Data Plan 2000

SMART Communications is definitely pulling out all the stops for the Samsung Galaxy S3. We first found out they were carrying the unit when they posted a photo of the Galaxy S3 on their social media accounts. We were expecting the unit to be given without cash out at the higher plans like at least 3,000 but it looks like you can actually get your Galaxy S3 with no cash out at just their Unlimited Data Plan 2000!

The pre-order page is now up HERE. You might want to reserve a unit. If you’re really interested in availing of one.

*Yuga reports that the lock-in period for the Smart Galaxy S3 is 30 months and not the usual 24 months. This is probably the compromise to get it at a lower price point.

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