Smart Officially Outs Their Galaxy S7 And S7 Edge Plans

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Here are the plans of Smart for the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

Planning to get the S7 adn S7 Edge from Smart? Well, lucky you – the local telco has officially outed its plans for the new flagship, and as expected you’ll be shelling out a 1800 a month (along with a 1,800 cashout) for the All-in Plan 1200 if you don’t want to pay the one-time, big-time cash out of Php 15,600 for the S7.

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For the Galaxy S7 Edge, you’re looking at a monthly payment of Php 2000, along with a one-time cashout of Php 2,000. If you want to just pay Php 1,200 a month, you’ll have to shell out Php 20,400 for the device. All plans come with a Samsung Galaxy Gear VR, and a 24-month lock-in time.


SMART Samsung Galaxy S7 Plans

Galaxy S7 plans


SMART Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Plans

Galaxy S7 Edge

You can also avail of Smart’s limited Plan 1999 offer for the two phones. The Galaxy S7 only requires a one-time cashout of 1,999 and you’re paying a total of Php 1,999 for 24 months, which nets you 150 all net calls, 200 all net SMS and 9GB of data allocation. The Galaxy S7 Edge can also be had at the same plan┬áthough terms are a little different – you still pay Php 1,999 cashout for the device and a monthly bill of 1,999 though the contract is longer at 30 months. You also have the option of paying a higher one-time cash out of Php 6,799 with the same Php 1,999 monthly bill though you’re now paying for a shorter 24-month contract.

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