Smart Outs Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge Plans, Start at 1799 A Month


Smart is carrying Samsung’s newest baby

Smart has officially announced its Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Plans yesterday, and the short version is that you’ll be able to get yours for as low as 1799 a month under plan 999. The lowest priced Galaxy S6 Edge plan is Php 1,999 a month, under Plan 999.

Here’s the deets: The 32GB version of the Galaxy S6 will be available under Plan 999 with either a one time cashout of Php 19,200, or Php 800 a month for 24 months. The Galaxy S6 Edge meanwhile, will be available under the company’s plan 999 with a one time cashout of Php 24,000 or Php 1,000 a month for 24 months.

Alternatively, users can get their hands on the Galaxy S6 (32GB) and S6 Edge (32GB) at Plan 2000, with P5,500 (P229/mo) and P12,000 (P500/mo) cash-out, respectively.

Both plans give users 5GB of data a month.

If Smart’s pricing is anything to go by, the Galaxy S6 Edge is the most sulit of the two plans. On our initial hands-on of the devices, we leaned towards the Galaxy S6 Edge more than the regular S6 because of its premium design and feel, and the additional Php 200 a month is more than fair to get the S6 Edge.

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  1. Pssst, typo:

    “Here’s the deets: The 32GB version of the Galaxy S6 will be available under Plan 999 with either a one time cashout of Php 19,200, or Php 800 a month for two months.”

    two months lang talaga?

  2. Just my 2 cents:
    Let’s see… 800 pesos for 2 years goes for 19,200 pesos.
    What if I include the 1799 cash out and for 2 years, which is 43,176 pesos?

    Then the total cost is 62,376 pesos! And that’s just the tip of the Samsung iceberg.

    That would totally cost 67,176 pesos on the S6 Edge by the same equation.

    1. Mukhang mas maganda offer ni Globe at plan 1499 ito yung break down ng service

      Samsung Galaxy S6 edge 64GB at Plan 1499
      ? Unlimited calls and texts 499 to Globe/TM
      ? GoSURF 499 (3GB mobile internet)
      ? Chat Bundle 299
      ? Facebook 199

      Sa Globe fixed na yung unlitxt and call to Globe/TM, you can also opt na hindi i-avail yung lifestyle bundle so you can select GoSurf 999 w/ 5GB Data. Cash out is 24K or 1K per month so 2499 ang MSF mo if you have a creditcard para i-amortize yung cashout. Total cost is about 59,976 compared to 67,179 sa Smart plus 64GB model pa ng Edge ang offered ng Globe compared sa Smart na 32GB lang… Gusto ko sana i-avail pero di pa tapos contract ko, sa 2nd retention ko sana Galaxy S7 Edge w/ water resist na like S5 🙂

      1. Even with efficient plans, that is still more expensive than the launch prices.

        The Galaxy S6’s 32gb model costs 35,990 pesos. The S6 Edge’s 32gb model costs 41,990.

        You’ll be saving lots of money if you just buy it off contract, either directly or by installation.

        1. Some people prefer parin ang postpaid because of the service, like for the recent offering ng Globe w/ built in sa plan unlitxt & call 499/mo + Gosurf(5GB) 999/mo roughly 36K siya for 24mos of service and total price w/ the unit na 64GB is roughly 60k. So nakatipid ka rin technically and you’ll be paying 24K only for the phone. But really depends sa usage rin baka sa iba di sulit yung ganiyang setup and mas ok sa kanila yung tingi tingi na service sa prepaid.

    2. Cashout is PhP 19,200 or 800 a month for 24 months and you pay 999 a month also for 24 months for the plan. Total monthly payment is 800+999=1799 a month. Multiply that by 24 and you’ll only pay Php 43,176. You put the cashout price twice in your computation.

      1. Oh. Sorry for not reading it carefully.
        I thought I would also spend 1,799 within the 800 pesos per month. I have made a fallacy, so apologies for my post.

        But the fact remains: You’ll still spend more on paying 1,799 pesos for 2 years compared to just buying the phone right in Lazada with a BDO or RCBC bank installation (or just directly).

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