Smart Rolls Out VoWiFi to Postpaid Subscribers

Smart Rolls Out VoWiFi to Postpaid Subscribers

You can make calls using an existing WiFi connection

After it has successfully tested Voice over WiFi (VoWiFi) calls in 2018, Smart is officially rolling out the feature to Smart Signature and Infinity customers. Currently, Smart’s VoWiFi is supported by the following phones:

-Samsung Galaxy A series, Galaxy Note 8 and newer, Galaxy S8 and newer, Galaxy Fold, Galaxy Flip Z

-Huawei Mate 10 and newer, P30 series

-TCL Plex T780H

Smart Rolls Out VoWiFi to Postpaid Subscribers

To recap, VoWiFi is a feature that lets you make calls in areas with weak cellular connectivity using WiFi. It is different from other voice calling apps like WhatsApp and Viber as it uses your phone’s default contacts list and dialler app. Aside from better calling and messaging experience, VoWiFi offers extended network coverage and high-definition calls when both parties are on VoWiFi.

Calls made with VoWiFi will be charged against the customer’s active subscription, while local and international voice and text rates will apply for those without an active subscription.


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