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Smart teases the most anticipated phone ever

Very subtle, hehe.

Smart teases the “Most Anticipated Phone Ever”

Apple is definitely doing their best to keep the iPhone 5 secret and they’re leaning heavily on the telecom networks not to divulge any information to the public. This is probably why we’ve only been seeing vague and subtle teasers from telcos. Globe is ahead by a point though since they “launched” their Nano SIM which is the SIM card type you need for the iPhone 5. They also followed that up with a blatantly obvious text which mentions “IP5”. In response Smart is coming out of the gate swinging with their own teasers. The image you see above was tweeted by @SmartCares just a few minutes ago. I don’t know about you but that looks like a pre-pre-pre-registration thing, lol.

Power to Choose is Awesome

If there’s one thing I appreciate about the upcoming iPhone 5 (and even with the iPhone 4S) is that you have the freedom to choose what telco you want to get your iPhone from. I’ve talked to a lot of Globe subscribers in the last few days and some of them don’t really mind the network issues. They’re willing to wait it out. I’ve also met several who have decided to switch and made the most of Smart’s #TimeToChange campaign. At the end of the day each telco has their own strengths and weaknesses. Some strengths go beyond plan customization or stronger networks and just can’t be put into words (personal brand preference). I’m just happy that like the iPhone 4S, with the iPhone 5 we can make a choice.

Unbox will closely be monitoring developments of the iPhone 5 for both telcos and we’ll keep you guys posted. As soon as units are available through our “secret sources”, we’ll secure units for unboxing, review, and speed tests.

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