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Sony And Black Market Host “Silent Parties” Until Next Year


A unique way of showing off headphones

Last year Sony invited us to the first ever Silent Concert held in the PH, where the audience is separated from the performers by a sound-proof booth with audio piped through a selection of their finest headphones.

This awesome scene happened last year

This year, they’re tweaking the concept a little bit and has partnered with local music club Black Market to host Silent Parties until March of 2016. The concept is still the same – DJs and performers pipe their music through Sony’s awesome headphones, and if you want to enjoy the music, you’ll have to listen to it through the company’s cans.



This time around, Sony is highlighting their Extra Bass headphones, the MDR-450AP and the MDR-XB450BV. Both headphones are capable of delivering loud, bass-busting audio without the associated distortion, which is perfect for Black Market. The nondescript, industrial club hosts all sorts of underground music that range from hip-hop, reggae and even jazz, which makes it the perfect stage for Sony’s headphones.


If you’re interested to see the schedule of the silent parties, you can hit up Sony’s official site or go to Black Market’s official website.

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