Sony and Samsung Take Jabs at Apple for the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus


Samsung and Sony Underscore iPhone 6s “Weaknesses”

Shortly after Apple announced the features and specifications of the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus, Sony and Samsung took to social media to highlight the “inferiority” of the iPhone compared to their respective product offerings.

Samsung focused on the lack of Wireless Charging of the new generation iPhone. Samsung is one of the most vocal supporters of wireless charging ever since the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. They even made TV ads highlighting the benefits of wireless charging. See below for the video the Samsung made showing the iPhone 6s not charging when placed on a wireless charging stand.

Samsung Hits iPhone’s Lack of Wireless Charging

Next we have Sony. They had a two-pronged approach versus the new iPhone: battery life and camera capabilities. Both features are the main strengths of their new Sony Xperia Z5 line-up. See below for the tweets of Sony.

Sony Mocks the iPhone 6s Battery Life

Sony Criticizes the iPhone 6s Camera

So what do you guys think? Do you agree or disagree with either Sony or Samsung?

Carlo Ople

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  1. Most people buy Apple products because it’s from Apple, not because of the specs or the technology it has, saka magaling din kase ang marketing strategy nila unlike other brands.

    3D Touch? it was first introduced by Huawei with Mate S called Force Touch so for me it’s not new as they tell on advertisements.

        1. True. That’s what I love about Apple. I’m not exactly a fan of their product, but am a fan of their wits and how they turn people into sheep. I’m all in for capitalism, and Apple’s killing it. Haha

          Here’s hoping a capitalist as good as or better than Apple would champion a better cause than just raking in more cash and keeping the competition at bay. :p

    1. Seems that marketing is the only thing working for Apple these days, based on the reactions from their latest product launch.

    2. hmm huawei only rush the production of mate s before the release of iPhone and also 3d touch is introduce in apple products before huawei =)
      p.s. not an iphone user and force touch is i think in BB devices 5yrs ago i think…BB storm

    3. Because apple got iOS and their devices is optimised with their OS instead of having overkill specs. Huawei might introduced force touch first on phone but apple implemented it better and seems more acceptable(so don’t even say it’s gimmick until you got it, It looks promising and maybe apple nailed this one as the next big thing in mobile just like the fingerprint sensor). It’s not about having it first but having it at the best time? like your ex now that supposed to be your wife but you ruin it because you messed the opportunity too early.

      I have no idea what I’m talking about, move along. XD

      PS: credit to apple’s ios and google’s android for their contribution of introducing new techs in mobile and for samsung, sony, htc, motorola, etc. stop being childish :))

        1. Nope, maybe you don’t even experience to hold an ios device before. I own iPhone 4s way before and still have it since it’s working just fine and xiami mi3 which is a great device as well. I even use my 4s more often which I use mostly for my messaging and listening music or playing some games and it just sits perfectly to my pocket. I use apple because it’s a phone not as a dslr, a console, or a freaking motolite battery. Get it brah?

          I still think mobile gaming is “kinda” stupid. PC masterrace! 😛

          1. What is it with Pinoy Apple fans and horrible sentence construction? I’ve noticed the same with Pinoy Sony fans. You should have blown your money on English tutors instead.

  2. Ahhh… For me i think the IOS itself, talagang mahusay ang security ng software nila eh. Not like android n pag nanakaw sau, the thief can use it using any app n pwde idownload s net, at aun na, reformat na. Ahh iphone user here, 4S hanggang ngayn. No plan pa for upgrade ang mahal e.

    1. We (at least the tech guys) know that Android’s operating system is open sourced unlike IOS. being open-sourced is a double-edged sword. It allows all people to develop apps for android, but that also creates apps that are sh*tty. IOS allows better security as their operating system is proprietary.

  3. Marami talagang nauuto ang Apple. They are now the largest “industrial” company in the US (no wonder that country is f*#cked) and fourth largest in the world. They are bigger than GM (which should have been allowed to die.) This is why aliens won’t talk to us. Lelz.

    1. …says a guy from and still in a third-world country. Sabi nga nila: “ang punong mabunga, yun ang madalas pinupukol.” True for both US and Apple. Nakikita lang ng lahat ang flaws nila dahil sila ang nasa taas. Yung sa iba, halos di mapansin dahil halos wala namang may pake. Dahil in reality, kahit mukhang downwards ang trend ng Apple at US, hindi pa rin sila maabot ng ibang kakumpitensiya.

      Maraming mas mayaman at mas malakas na bansa kesa sa US, pero sila pa rin ang pinaka-maimpluwensya. Ganun din ang Apple. Proving once again na hindi porket mas masarap ang burger mo kesa sa mcdo, e matatalo mo na ang mcdo sa sales.

      I don’t own an Apple device dahil di ko rin afford at hindi talaga praktikal. I just adore them from a safe distance. Because, say what you will about them, call them stupid or whatever, but their genuis shows where it counts. That’s what put Apple above everyone else who thinks and says they’re better but couldn’t really close.

      1. Please. The bail outs only prolonged the inevitable demise of the American machine. Their former largest manufacturer (GM) almost died. Embarrassing, much? Germany, South Korea and Japan are the best engineering nations in the world (in that order.) Add mo pa China which is rising up fast. But just so you know, I do plan on buying Apple stocks (oh, how hypocritical of me. Lelz) Suckers are born every minute. Best to take advantage of that. 😉

        1. Ikaw Zobel, panay katangahan ka nanaman. Isinama mo pa Korea sa best engineering sa buong mundo, dahil lang sa Samsung, LG at sa mga car companies. Di mo pa sinama ang US, bobo amputa.

  4. I think these commercials are stupid for someone who understands the quality of phones
    Samsung says that their phones is wireless charging but what about their OTHER phones? and Sony? dear sony… why you shame yourself!? more pixels? sure but more noise!? no.

  5. Wag magmarunong masyado especially if you haven’t tried it yet, bakit may iphone 6s na ba kayo? Force touch and 3D touch is different daw. 3D touch has the capability of understanding 3 kinds or levels of pressure to the screen ndi lang 2 kinds katulad sa force touch. I’m just basing this on what the online reviewers say.

  6. They don’t have to really brag what they have and what the new iPhone doesn’t.
    At the end of the day, it’s still the consumers who make the final decision.

  7. maganda naman pareho silang lahat ios or android have their strenghts and weakness kung saan nalang tayo liligaya maganda rin tong competition coz we have something to look forward to on our bdays and christmas gifts

  8. Sony is making fun at apple. They better be true to their ads that they are waterproof. I will not buy a SONY phone again, ever!!

  9. Iphone, Samsung, Sony, HTC, etal. They make phones for us to use and not be used to bash each other. People buy phones they like. Some people see Iphone as status symbol (Duh. Mejo mababaw ang reason) If you can’t afford high ends, you can settle for mid-range or basic. What matters most is that we can communicate, no matter what phone we use. Personnaly, i don’t like iphones for 2 reasons: (1) Some new features on iphone6s, nasa android na years before. So medyo late na ang technology nila. (2) Very high priced gadget. But you are buying quality and security. Pero hindi naman nagpapahuli ang android. There are many security apps you can downlolad for free or buy.

    Conclusion: Buy the phone you like and can afford and use them to communicate.

    If you want to communicate with style, buy Iphone 6s or Galaxy S6. Ingat lang sa mga magnanakaw. Mainit sa mata nila yan.

  10. If madami akong pera I will buy apple products… Wag na sa specs pero s tibay… Talaga naman sulit sya… As proof cguro nmn kita pa rin natin gaano madami may hawak ng iPhone 4 dba? Madali pinaglumaan n s abroad gumagana pa rin at tumatagal…

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