Sony Axing C and M Line Of Smartphones: Report


No more Xperia C and M

We all know that Sony’s pulling the plug on their Z line of devices, but apparently the Japanese brand isn’t stopping with that smartphone line. A report out of Xperia Blog alleges that Sony’s also axing their C and M line of phones in favor of a single, unified X lineup.


Leaked slides from a Sony presentation clearly show the X family of smartphones taking center stage, with all smartphone models moving forward having the X branding, at least until 2018.


It’s important to note that the entry-level and mid-range products of Sony (that’s represented in the C and M line) won’t disappear completely since that would be suicide, but will likely be folded into the X family of smartphones. That means you can expect to see additional product launches in the future aimed at the mid-range and entry level market for the X line.

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