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Sony Ditching Xperia Z Lineup In Favor Of Xperia X – Reports


No more Z6

We had a feeling that Sony was ditching the Xperia Z branding with the announcement of the Xperia X Performance, and right on cue our hunch was confirmed by Android Authority. Speaking to a Sony spokesperson, the tech outfit has confirmed that the Xperia Z5 is the last of the Xperia Z series, so there will be no more Z6 in the future.

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It’s not hard to see why – Sony’s struggled to sell the high-end Z lineup to consumers in recent months, and while the new Xperia X Performance doesn’t have a 4K display like the Z5, it will (probably) be a lot cheaper than the previous flagship.

Another interesting tidbit pried from Sony is the unofficial water-resistance of the entire Xperia X lineup. Sony says the phones will probably survive a splash or two or a quick trip in the drink, but aren’t supposed to be taken underwater for extended periods of time because they don’t officially have IP ratings.


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