Sony Launches Intelligent Running Companion, The Smart B-Trainer, In PH

Smart-B trainer waterdroplets product

It’s an intelligent pair of headphones made specifically for runners

Sony has officially launched their Smart B-Trainer headphones here in the Philippines. While most people may discount the necessity of having standalone headphones/MP3 players when they run, Sony’s Smart B-Trainer isn’t just a regular MP3 player. While it does look a lot like Sony’s previous W Series of Walkmans, the Smart B-Trainer is much more.

First off, the Smart B-Trainer is loaded with a heart sensor, GPS radio and an accelerometer that allows it to precisely measure how many steps, calories burnt and overall distance that you covered during your last run. From the information that those sensors give it, the Smart B-Trainer is able to recommend and play music that motivates you to either speed up or slow down, giving you real-time feedback during your workout. The Smart B-Trainer is clever enough that it can scan and analyze whatever music you shove into its 16GB storage and categorize them depending on their speed and tempo. During your run, the Smart B-Trainer determines if you need to speed up or slow down and then plays the appropriate music to get your butt moving depending on your workout plan.

Aside from the three sensors, the Smart B-Trainer is made to work with a companion app that analyzes the information taken from the headphones, giving you access to a wealth of information including – heart rate, burned calories, distance, time, speed, pace, cadence, steps, stride, running route and elevation.

Unfortunately, Sony has not provided the official price for the Smart B-Trainer.

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