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Sony Officially Prices Smart B-Trainer in PH at Php 12,999

Sony Smart B-Trainer 02

Specially made for runners

Around a month ago we told you about Sony’s Smart B-Trainer, a pair of intelligent headphones that helps runners get the most out of their run. Sony Philippines has finally given a price for the specialized headphones, pricing them at Php 12,999.

Sony Smart B-Trainer 03

While that seems pricy for a pair of headphones, remember that the Smart B-Trainer is aimed at a very specific audience. Because of the myriad of sensors in its small body, putting on the Smart B-Trainer is like having a running coach by your side, if that running coach had real-time information about your heart rate, and your current pace. The B-Trainer uses music to speed you up or slow you down by selecting tunes that have the appropriate beat to the pace you’re required to keep.

Aside from that, the Smart B-Trainer is also capable of taking a myriad of telemetry information from your run, and syncs it with your phone when you’re done. You can take your phone with you while you run to enjoy Spotify or other streaming music services, or you can leave your phone at home when you go out and rely on your own tracks that you can download onto the B-Trainer for music.

Sony Smart B-Trainer 01

Sony’s aware that the Smart B-Trainer isn’t for everyone, as it’s a substantial investment considering its price. It’s meant for runners who want to elevate their running game to the next level.

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