Sony Prototype Leaked via Video

With Mobile World Congress less than a month away, we’re bound to see more and more devices leaked to the public. Two weeks ago, we saw the leak for a device from Sony leaked via AnTuTu Benchmark¬†and it seems like another phone due for release from the Japanese company has surfaced on YouTube.

Not much is known about the specs for the phone designated as the Sony Xperia G3121 aside from the 23-megapixel camera it has for a main shooter, that it runs on Android 7.0 Nougat, and the fact that it does not have a fingerprint scanner; this is most likely a version going to be released in the West. Going on appearance alone, the device featured in the video looks like the Sony Xperia XA that was released in the Philippines mid-2016 with its nearly bezel-less display. Of course, seeing as its a device from the Xperia line, it still sports that familiar rectangular shape.

Could this be the Sony Xperia XA (2017)? Our sources seem to think so and we’re inclined to agree.

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