Sony SmartBand 2 to be Available Starting September

Sony's Newest Smarband Coming this September
Sony’s Newest Smarband Coming this September

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There are two main categories when it comes to wearables: fitness trackers and Smart Watches. Obviously the Smart Watches are the more expensive ones but they do have a lot of bling and more use cases. Fitness trackers like the FitBit are solely made to monitor physical activities. The new Sony Smartband 2 sits comfortably in the middle of these two categories.

The Sony Smartband 2 has full fitness monitoring capabilities thanks mostly to it’s built-in accelerometer and heart rate sensors. This will allow the device to track your pulse and heart rate levels which can be used for showing physical activity and even sleep patterns. All of the data will be displayed on the Sony Lifelog application.

That sensor at the back of the band is what tracks your heart rate
That sensor at the back of the band is what tracks your heart rate

It also has notifications and alerts for your messages, calls, and other apps when it’s paired with your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. You’ll get alerted via either vibrations or the LEDs that are located on the top of the SmartBand 2. Other capabilities include music player control and smartphone detection (10 meters away) if you’re using an Xperia device.

Lastly, the Sony SmartBand 2 is a whole lot more subtle than a fully blinged out Smart Watch. It looks more like a high-tech baller band with LED lights, hehe. The good news is that it comes in several colors so you can use it as a fashion accessory as well. The bands can be changed as well so you can just buy the device once and buy the bands later on when you want a change of color.

Blue one looks nice!
Blue one looks nice!

The Sony SmartBand 2 will hit the market come mid-September with an SRP of $132, roughly Php5,800. It’s set to hit 60 countries but we’re not sure if the Philippines is part of that list. Speaking of our market, knowing Sony PH and their distributors this will probably sell for around Php7,000-Php8,000. Hopefully they stick to the international SRP, hehe.

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