Sony Teases IMX686 Photo and Video Capabilities

The IMX586’s successor is coming

With Samsung releasing 64-megapixel and 108-megapixel sensors, Sony is catching up in the megapixel race with the upcoming IMX686 sensor. Sony shared photo and video samples in Weibo, showcasing the IMX686’s potential.

Photo samples in the said video include landscape, portraits, night scenes, and even a clear shot of the Milky Way. The video samples, on the other hand, highlight the sensor’s dynamic range.

The video has a disclaimer that all photos and videos taken used an IMX686 sensor mounted on a prototype board—so expect changes to the sensor’s capabilities once Sony makes it official.

According to a post in Weibo, the OPPO Reno 3, vivo X30 Pro, and Huawei Nova 6 will reportedly use an IMX686, and that the said sensor comes with 60-megapixels. It may be lower than Samsung’s ISOCELL GW1, but we have to see the IMX686 in action to see if it can match Samsung’s 64-megapixel sensor in terms of overall image quality.

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Sony’s New Sensor is Capable of 48-Megapixel Photos


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