Sony’s 2.7 Million Peso Smart TV Is Getting Trolled To Oblivion

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Posted by SM Appliance Center on Thursday, May 11, 2017

It’s a treasure trove of amazing comments

We’re used to uber expensive TV sets popping up in our feed now and again but SM Appliance Center’s new ad for Sony’s new Smart TV is one for the books. The 100-inch, 4K capable KD-100Z9D is one of the biggest, baddest TV’s you’ll ever see in the Philippines, and has a monumental price tag of 2.7 million pesos attached to it. That’s with a generous 10% discount from its original price of almost 3 million pesos.

Obviously that’s an obscene amount of money to ask for a TV, since that’s more than enough dough to buy a new luxury vehicle, or even a decent sports car. Hell, you can even buy a decent house around the city for that money if you play your cards right.

That fact isn’t lost on the general population, and since many Facebook users in the Philippines probably won’t be able to afford this TV, they did what came natural – troll the hell out of the Facebook ad.

And if you’re the one person in the Philippines that can actually afford this, drop us a line eh? We want to see what a 2.7 million peso TV set actually looks like in person (offer isn’t valid if you’re actually Jean Napoles IRL).

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  1. trolled to oblivion? more like trolled to popularity. if it wasn’t for the ad people wouldn’t have known this TV existed, and im pretty sure a few of the “Napoles” level crowd would have some satisfaction showing off this tv that most have trolled, but only a few have actually “watched”.

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