Sony’s New USB-C Hub Claims to Be The Fastest in the Market

It is one of the few USB-C hubs that supports 100W PD charging

With most laptop users embracing the dongle life, it is important to invest in a dongle that has not just the essential sports, but also the ability to support blazing fast transfer speeds and high-power charging speeds. Sony wants to address both with its MRW-S3 USB-C hub.

Sporting an aluminum case with a wave design and IP68 rating, the MRW-S3’s leading feature is a USB-C port that supports 100W PD charging—crucial for monitors and external GPUs that demand a lot of power. It claims to have the fastest SD and MicroSD reader, as its UHS-II card reader supports up to 300MB/s read speeds.

Other features of the MWR-S3 include a USB-A 3.0 port, an HDMI port that supports 4K resolution, an additional USB-C port, and a separate USB-C cable for connecting the MRW-S3 to your USB-C-sporting computer.

Sony has yet announced the pricing and availability of the MRW-S3 as of press writing.


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