Sony’s Small And Versatile A6300 Officially Launched in PH

Sony’s latest mirrorless camera lands in the PH

Sony’s newest mirrorless camera, the A6300, has officially landed in the PH. Launched last month, the new camera sports a bunch of improvements from the previous generation A6000, which includes 4K video recording in Super 35mm format. This new shooting mode makes the for the best video quality out of any consumer camera, at least according to Sony.

The new camera comes with a 24.2-megapixel APS-C sensor, and an ISO that goes up to an astounding 51,200. Additionally, the camera has 425 phase detection points for fast AF of just 0.05 seconds – what’s even better is that the AF can follow the subject as they move around the frame and predict where they’ll be when you press the shutter giving you a sharp photo every time.

As for the pricing, the A6300 will be priced at Php 64,999 that includes the body and a 16-50mm lens. If you want to buy just the body of the camera, you can get it for Php 56,999. Sony’s doing a Summer offer for the A6300 as well which includes the camera and a 18-105mm lens for Php 76,999.

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  1. For that amount, you can buy a full frame Nikon D750 instead. Much bigger system ang Nikon and Canon. Mas maraming support. Mas maraming CHEAP native and third party lenses at flash systems. Pumunta kayo ng camera shops dito sa Manila, try nyo magtanong kung ano-ano ang mga available na accs ng Sony, mas marami pa ang daliri ninyo. Do the math na rin.

    Kung ang rason nyo ay bulky ang DSLR kaya mirrorless na lang, aba eh mag-GoPro na lang kayo. Kung gusto nyo ng 4k video, mag-Panasonic kayo dahil mas maraming lens ang M43 system.

    Ngayon kung hindi nyo problema ang pera, pero ayaw nyo ng malaking camera at magpalit ng lente pero gusto nyo ng 4K video, ang bilhin ninyo ay Iphone.

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