Sony’x HX80 Point-and-shoot has a 5-axis Stabilization, 30x Optical Zoom

Sony HX80

All of that in a point-and-shoot body

Sony’s not afraid to release powerful point-and-shoot cameras at a time where point-and-shoots are virtually extinct. Their latest pocket snapper, the HX80 might be on the small side but don’t count this pint-sized shooter out – it has features that some DSLRs only dream of having.

Sony HX80 1

Those features include a 30x optical zoom lens for extreme close-ups as well as 5-axis image stabilization. The HX80’s tricks don’t end there – the camera also has a retractable electronic viewfinder, 180 degree 3-inch LCD display, pop-up flash and an 18-megapixel Exmor R CMOS sensor.

Sony HX80 2

The HX80 also has WiFi and NFC connectivity, allowing it to connect with Sony’s PlayMemories app for easy sharing and control. The HX80 will retail for $350, or around Php 16.4K.

John Nieves

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  1. this a new model? isn’t there already a HX90?..
    if it is, well i wish sony would sell it at that price. knowing them this would go for 20k.

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