Soundfreaq SFQ-03 Sound Stack

Soundfreaq SFQ-03 Sound Stack

Soundfreaq SFQ-03 Sound Stack to launch in the PH soon

After their highly successful Sound Platform, Soundfreaq is back with a bigger and more high fidelity product with the Soundfreaq SFQ-03 Sound Stack. Unlike the previous systems which were a bit portable, this one is really for more stationary use either at home or at the office. For this product they upped the ante in sound quality by using top-of-the-line components to build an audiophile-friendly sound system.

Gorgeous design with amazing acoustics!

What’s so special about it?

Three things. Design, sound quality, and compatibility. Design because it just looks amazing. For sound quality they use a 2.2 speaker config pairing two full-range drivers with two sub-woofers. This gives clearer mids and more punchy bass even at low frequencies. It definitely leaves the previous Soundfreaq products when it comes to the sounds. Lastly you can connect your devices to it via a 3.5 aux in port, Bluetooth, USB, or you can even use the iOS dock (iPhone, iPad, iPod).

To Android and iOS users make sure to download the free Soundfreaq app!

Unboxing and Review coming soon!

We currently have a review unit courtesy of the local distributor, Digital Hub/Digital Walker. Watch out for our unboxing as well as full review next week!

To those wondering about the price there’s no SRP yet since it’s not yet actually available here in the PH. International SRP is $400 USD though so it should be around that price when it lands.

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